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Why Women Leave Companies 2

Why Women Leave Companies 2There are a lot of misconceptions and contradictory data when it comes to why women leave their jobs. According to Lean Ins 2018 Women in the Workplace Report, very few women surveyed said they were leaving to focus on family, which calls into question one of the most common assumptions about why women leave. However, other sources suggest that women are expected to - and often do - leave their jobs when childcare responsibilities come calling... in no small part due to the fact that their husbands are often making more money (or stand to do so in the long term, if theyre free to work longer hours).Furthermore, research has shown that women in tech are twice as likely to leave as men -- and that most of these departures happen mid-career, when promotions and leadership opportunities are most readily becoming available.So, whats at the heart of the issue? And if attrition doesnt explain the gender gap in corporate leadership, then what does? Were asking you to help us understand.*This survey is currently closed*(function(t,e,s,n)

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How to Say Farewell When You Are Leaving a Job

How to Say Farewell When You Are Leaving a JobHow to Say Farewell When You Are Leaving a JobYou have lost your job, or youve found a new one, and youre moving on. As you depart, its important to take the time to say farewell to your co-workers. Not only is it courteous to let them know you are leaving (particularly if you work on projects together), but writing farewell notes also allows you to provide them with your contact information so that you can keep in touch. You never know when you might need to ask colleagues to provide you with a reference. By maintaining contact on cordial, mutually supportive terms, you strengthen your professional network and keep the door open for continuing work and social opportunities. The Best Way to Say Farewell Whats the best way to say farewell to your co-workers? Dont send a mass schmelzglas. Instead, send personalized individual emails or messages via LinkedIn, rather than group messages, so your farewell message is personal. You can use o ne of these sample farewell letters as a model to let colleagues, clients, and your connections know that you are moving on. Dont simply copy and paste one of these samples, however. Youll want to personalize it so that it specifically reflects the business and the personal relationship you have with the recipient. Tips for Saying Farewell to Co-Workers Connect on LinkedIn - Be sure your LinkedIn account includes your email address, not your work address. Then, if youre not already connected with your colleagues on LinkedIn, connect now.Friend on Facebook - When you are friends with your co-workers, make sure youre connected on Facebook, too. Now that youre not working together, the boundaries between work and your personal life are gone, and you will be able to enjoy the camaraderie through social media that many employers restrict their employees from participating in. Say goodbye via LinkedIn or email - send an email message or a LinkedIn message to the co-workers you know we ll, but not necessarily to the entire company.Keep your message brief and to the point. Dont go into details (positive or negative) about why youre leaving. Just let your co-workers know youre leaving, and if youre so inclined, offer to help during the transition.Do mention projects you have worked on together or events you have enjoyed together. This farewell letter is personal rather than formal. Remember to say thank you. Farewell letters are as much about expressing your gratitude to your colleagues as they are about saying good-bye. At some point during your work together, the colleague you are writing to probably collaborated with you on a project or task, offered advice, or provided professional training. Identify a specific example (or two) when you were grateful for their assistance. Thank them for this so that they know you have valued them as your colleague and friend.Include your contact information - including your LinkedIn URL, your email address, and your phone number in your message, so your co-workers can stay in touch. If you would be willing to write professional recommendations for them in the future, then express your willingness to do this should the occasion arise. Take a look at our sample farewell letters to get advice on how to say goodbye. When Youve Been Fired or Laid Off? Even though it may feel awkward if you have been fired or laid off, its still a good idea to let your co-workers know that you are leaving or gone. When employees are laid off or fired, this affects the overall company culture. When you fail to show up for work, your closest colleagues will wonder what is going on. Very few people enjoy sudden changes in their work environment. Your colleagues may fear that their jobs may soon be on the line, and they will also have to personally deal with the transitional stress and headaches that arise when a team member is eliminated or replaced. If you still have internal email access before your final exit, you can use th is to send a briefer email letter to your peers than you might use on LinkedIn or through your email account. Let them know youll be moving on. Ask for job search assistance, if its appropriate, and provide your personal contact information so that they can remain connected to you if they wish.

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Customize this Aerospace Quality Engineer Resume

Customize this Aerospace Quality Engineer ResumeCustomize this Aerospace Quality Engineer ResumeUse this Aerospace Quality Engineer Resume Example with Objective, Technical Skills, Duties, Education and Certification to write your own Aerospace Quality Engineer Resume.Create this Resume Rodney Goldsmith 1693 Richards Avenue Stockton, CA 95202 (555)-143-5168 r.goldsmithsampleresume.netJob Objective To be able to work as Aerospace Quality Engineer in a world class organization and share my skills and expertise in aircraft operations to ensure that every flight is safe and fully operational. My endeavor and dedication in the job will be helpful in providing aerospace quality to the company. Technical Skills Competent in aircraft maintenance operations Extensive familiarity with aircraft operations standard safety procedures Highly trained in resolving complicated aircraft maintenance issues Proficient in acquiring a harmonious organization and aerospace quality Extensive working kn owledge in Gas Turbine Engine principles for Aero application Extensive experience in aerospace engineering with Strong familiarity of Quality management principles requirements Expert in Airbus design, operation and implementation Professional ExperienceSr. Aerospace Quality Engineer, January 2009 Present USA High, Carroll, IA Responsibilities Collaborated with customers to resolve their company problems, thus, maintaining harmonious and pleasant relationships with them. Supervised activities concerning evolution, operation and preservation of Quality Management System. Collected and authored training materials and devices and administered training or orientation to new employees. Supervised AS9100 and ISO audits. Designed instructions and processes to ensure quality management systems. Jr. Aerospace Quality Engineer, March 2006 December 2008 Flight Industries, Carroll, IA Responsibilities Maintained required aerospace application operations like hydraulic control valves, door/flight controls, landing gear/cargo turbines and motor drives. Operated an ISO Lab to improve quality standards of aeronautical products. Examined mechanical and electronic glitches or any irregularities based on company standards. Executed SEI-CMM levels to improve the overall quality of aerospace operations. Advised, examined and authorized revisions of industry design and strategy based on customer demands and requirements. EducationM.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 2006 University of Texas, Richardson, TX B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, 2002 University of Texas, Richardson, TX Certifications and Affiliations FAA Certification Association of Aerospace Quality Engineers Customize ResumeMore Sample Engineer ResumesAcquisition Logistics Engineer Resume Advanced Semiconductor Engineer Resume Aerospace Design Engineer Resume Aerospace Quality Engineer Resume Agricultural Engineer Resume

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How Leaders Can Make or Break Employee Engagement

How Leaders Can Make or Break Employee EngagementHow Leaders Can Make or Break Employee EngagementHow Leaders Can Make or Break Employee Engagement Kiel, author of Return on Character The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win (Harvard Business Review Press, 2015)An organization with a clear vision, a strategic focus, and a culture of accountability will go nowhere unless the workforce is organized to work well together and is eager to perform.Every individual has a good deal of discretionary personal energy he or she can devote to his or her work life or spend in other ways. Employees who feel little connection to the organizations goals and missions, who see little correlation between their performance and their compensation, or who have been alienated from the organizations leadership through false promises, disinformation, or outright neglect are likely to be disengaged.Disengaged employees are much more likely to spend their discretionary time planning their next vacation, surfing the Internet, texting endlessly to friends, or simply daydreaming, rather than doing the work they were hired to do.On the other hand, when workers know that their success is directly tied to that of their organization or unit, and when they embrace their leaderships vision, they have a natural incentive to work diligently toward achieving the organizations goals.Workforce Engagement KillersSo what do we know about the conditions that create an engaged workforce? Organizations that engage their workforces have fur features in common1.They treat their employees with respect. Employees experience the culture as one that cares for them as people where they are not treated as human capital.2.Employees view policies and practices regarding hiring, compensation, promotions, and recognition as fair and impartial.3.The organizational culture provides care and support.4. Employees have a high level of confidence in the executive team.One could assume that the conditions that contrib ute or detract from workforce engagement are painfully obvious. But our research and much casual observation points to real disconnects in the way some companies treat their workers and the level of engagement they expect those employees to demonstrate in their performance.To be fully engaged, for example, people need to feel that management respects them. Most people begin to feel extremely disrespected when their leaders assign them unreasonable workloads for weeks ormonths on end.Individuals who work for high-energy start-ups might have signed on to that kind of marathon stretch, but fruchtwein workers want to feel that the organizational leadership acknowledges and supports their need for a manageable workload.Another workforce engagement killer comes in the form of unfair hiring, promotion, and compensationpolicies. A workforce that believes that the best way to get ahead is to curry favor with one or more members of the management team has no incentive to fully embrace the c ompanys vision and strategic goals.Unfortunately, most of us are all too familiar with these and many other examples of the lack of workforce engagement in some organizations. As a result, the differences between the virtuoso CEOs and leadership teams and their self-focused counterparts in this critical area of organizational success should come as no surprise.How Employees View their Company CultureHere are some of the ways employees of the self-focused leaders describe the level of workforce engagement that dominates their organizationsThe company does not stay true to its own stated goals and ethics sometimes. Certain people are favored, and once you have a bad year, it is hard to get your good name back.It is difficult to feel satisfied at this job when you are just a number.Recent policy changes clearly show the lack of concern for employees personal lives. All of senior management needs to get real about the high turnover and start asking the hard questions.Contrast those dish eartening statements with these much more vibrant and positive comments from the employees of the virtuoso CEOs and their teamsThe work environment is always motivating. Most of the people I work with are great to work with and are very values oriented.The collective employee population seems to share a passion for this industry and the products and services we offer. The community giving and spirit of this company is also a shared passion. The company is often gathered for recognition and fun events, which generates our competitive spirit and will to win in the marketplace I strive to be better every day and help lead with the values, integrity and acumen consistently demonstrated by our CEO.During a time when things were really tough for our company, our CEO demonstrated confidence in his team that we could find a way out that he believed we could do it and that he was there to lead us through it. It motivated everyone to come together and get the job done. And in two years, we h it it out of the parkIn numerous ways, our research underscored the connection between the level of workforce engagement in an organization and the executive teams strength of character.When an executive team displays strong character habits, it naturally tends to create a positive, caring, supportive, fair, and respectful work environment the kind of work environments most people are drawn to.Reprinted by permission of Harvard Business Review Press. Excerpted from Return on Character The Real Reason Leaders and Their Companies Win . Copyright 2015 Fred Kiel. All rights reserved.Author BioFred Kiel, PhD, co-founder of KRW International, is the author of Return on Character (Harvard Business Review Press) and the co-author of Moral Intelligence. For more than thirty years, he has helped Fortune 500 CEOs and senior executives build organizational effectiveness through leadership excellence and mission alignment. His rigorous data gathering and customized development process provide e xecutives with transformative feedback. He lives in Minnesota.

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How to Answer Salary History Questions and Requests

How to Answer Salary History Questions and RequestsHow to Answer Salary History Questions and RequestsWhen you are interviewing for a new job, it is common practice for the company to ask you about your salary history. Companies will want to know what the candidates base salary is if they receive any bonus, the average bonus amount, and any additional compensation or perks, such as 401k matching, stock grants or stock options, paid time off and how much they are required to pay towards their medical premiums. If you are expecting any further compensation, such as a sign on bonus, relocation assistance or green-card sponsorship as part of your decision to switch jobs, then that is something the company should know about up front. The salary history lettersamples show how to put salary history information in writing. The fears that candidates bring to compensation discussions are usually a result of feeling that they may price themselves too low, and therefore miss out on receiving a big increase over their current compensation, or they are afraid of pricing themselves too high and then having the company turn around and say we cant afford you. How to Answer Questions About Compensation First of all, we recommend that you do your homework. Do some salary research to find out detailed information about what the market is paying for your skills and background. You may want to check out Glass Door to see if any specific compensation information is available for the company you are interviewing with. Secondly, very importantly, be honest. Above all else, dont make up the numbers. Give an accurate portrayal of your current compensation. If you are worried about you pay being too low compared to the market, say so. I am currently making $xyz but feel this is low compared to others with my background. Going forward I will be looking for annual compensation in the $abc range. If you are worried that your compensation is on the high side, you can let the employer kno w that the opportunity is as important to you as compensation. Saying I currently make $$$ but am flexible on my compensation requirements, depending on the position and the opportunity for career growth, tells the employer that you are not stuck on making a particular amount. Why Dont Employers Tell Us the sortiment? The answer really depends on the company. For many of companies, the position is opened at a particular level, but there is a huge amount of flexibility depending on what candidate we end up finding, as well as how that candidate compares to other team members. We may open a position up with an expected base salary of, say, $100,000, and then find that our best candidate only has 3 years of experience and, compared to others in the team, should really only be making $80,000. What about salary requirements or salary history letters? Some companies may still ask that you write out your salary history, or put your salary requirements in writing. Again, be honest with your answers. It is very easy to verify past compensation and falsifying information can be grounds for rescinding an offer or terminating your employment (if hired). If you are not sure what the appropriate format is for salary requirements letters, please see the salary history letter samples.

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3 ways to master the art of persuasion

3 ways to master the art of persuasion3 ways to master the art of persuasionLearn how to persuade coworkers to your way of thinking.Little is accomplished alone. To achieve complex goals, we often must rely upon the hard work and cooperation from those around us.Therefore, our ability to be persuasive will either further our capacity to lead a successful, lucrative career, or it will greatly hinder our odds of achieving our full potential.By learning how to get others to say yes, we can flourish in nearly any capacity of our professional lives.Below, youll find three crucial tips that will aid you in your quest to win others over and get behind your way of thinking.Stop expecting people to care about your needs. The fruchtwein important lesson in persuasion is that you cant expect others to care about what you want. If you desire to become mora persuasive, get in the habit of addressing the concerns of others.When possible, avoid using the word I, and begin substituting the word you in its place. Doing so will naturally guide you to talk in terms of the others ambitions.By focusing on others needs, we are more apt to gain compliance and avoid resentment. For instance, a sales professional who wants to sell a new product to a customer is less likely to persuade by bragging about how technically innovative the product shes selling is.Rather, its in her best interest to clearly define how the benefits of the product can assist the organization in cutting production costs and complexities. Ironically, the most effective way to get what you want is to be less concerned with your own needs and more in tune with the desires of others.Then, have faith that once you address the other anlasss concerns, your concerns are going to be met.Appreciate conflicting opinions rather than judging them Upon running into a disagreement, most people rush to judge others points of view and attempt to persuade through contradiction.As many have seen from experience, this has the opposi te of the desired effect. Cooperation in conversation is achieved when you show that you consider the other persons ideas and feelings as important as your own.Instead of condemning the other party, its more effective to try to understand the reasoning behind their actions.Once you decipher a persons motives, you can adequately show respect for their beliefs. And, upon doing so, have them listen to your point of view in a more open-minded manner.Most disputes are never settled because each party fails to show sympathy for the others opinions.People are more likely to cooperate with you when they feel you respect their beliefs. Therefore, to gain agreement, its most effective to address that you recognize and appreciate the individuals concerns. Once you show respect for their point of view, you can then begin to disarm and persuade that person to your way of thinking.Avoid criticism and embrace appreciation.One of the most effective ways to influence someone is simply to appreciate them. People do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirit of approval than they do under criticism.By criticizing others, we dilute our ability to persuade. Disapproval puts a person on the defensive and usually makes him strive to justify himself.Regardless of how mistaken someone may be, using condemnation as a motivator will often result in the other party detaching from your cause, or even doing the opposite of what is requested.Countless studies have shown that animals rewarded for positive behavior are much more apt to comply than those punished for bad behavior.People are no different. If you want to influence, show a sincere appreciation for the other individual and remember to avoid insincere flattery at all costs.In the endRemember that there is a difference between influencing someone and manipulating them. If you find yourself persuading an individual to behave in a manner that is less than mutually beneficial, you are in breach of ethics and leaving yourse lf open to a surprisingly negative outcome.

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Top How to Put Publications on Resume Tips!

Top How to Put Publications on Resume Tips Top How to Put Publications on Resume Secrets While experience does count, if youve acquired certification, you may still be considered for the work even if youve got an entry-level HVAC Technician resume. To start, you dont need to list every job that youve ever had. Its practically the very same with resumes. Infographic resumes are just a supplement. Heres What I Know About How to Put Publications on Resume Its simply not relevant and will do more damage than good on your resume. By separating them within this way, you can help focus attention on those accomplishments. Ultimately, find whatever you can about the job and any person specifications they may require. The body in the era of knowledge. Always remember that hiring managers do not devote a good deal of time perusing a resume. If youve printed work that you need to include as part of your resume, there are numerous methods for documenting publications on a resume to be able to intrigue hiring managers. Only add jobs you had in the previous ten or fifteen decades or are related to the job for which youre applying. The sample juniorin to start this junior to research on individuals who already resume the exact job in various businesses. A whole lot of people absolutely dont have an inkling of the way to compose an Objective for a resume. Your probability of getting the job will be contingent on how good or bad your resume is. All you need to do is to show to the prospective employer you have the skills he is searching for in an administrative assistant. When preparing your resume, there are plenty of matters you should think about. Guarantee the section is clearly delineated from different sections, and consistent with others so far as font, type size and fashion. Its possible for you to set your education section before or following your experience section. If youve just graduated, look at placing your education section prior to your exper ience section. If youre a seasoned professional, set your professional work history section prior to your education. Life After How to Put Publications on Resume If youre unsure how to begin listing achievements for a resume, do just a little brainstorming. You might also see resume summary. There was a time every time a proper Resume meant a review of the academic achievements. Overly personal details. Last, go through the sales draft with a fine tooth-comb so you remove any sample that might be in it. For those who would like to include many publications on a resume but cant allow themselves the space on a common 1-2 page resume, additionally, it is feasible to indicate they can be given separately by statingpublications readily available on request. There are lots of normal formats. No matter which vorkaufsrecht you select, it is necessary to use the correct formatting when including publications on a resume. Within this competitive job market, searching for a job is a full-time job. Then be sure that you read the work description carefully so that you understand exactly executive the employer is searching for. You are going to want to tailor your resume to the work description. While writing your resume, make sure it never gets mailed to the recruiter without the aforementioned details, especially your Contact Details considering your recruiter wont have any method of contacting you in the event you do get the said job. Its not a terrible idea to incorporate some added points in that situation. You most likely have a vague idea on what to include on a resume. Make time to double and triple check each item of information.